The new standard for intelligent materials design

Founded from polymer informatics research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Matmerize combines powerful, data-driven machine learning with decades of technical expertise in computational materials science to transform industry research & development.

Serving leaders in chemicals, polymers, and more.

Build custom machine learning models by combining your data with our algorithms to deliver faster R&D results.

Predict species properties using any combination of our stock models and your custom-made models.


Screen chemical spaces and target candidates to rapidly discover new chemistries that meet your specified design parameters


Cut costs, save time, and maximize efficiency with our flagship materials informatics product: a versatile, user-friendly, cloud-based platform with industry-leading property prediction abilities.



Say goodbye to the expensive, wasteful, and tedious trial-and-error experimentation of the past.

Guide experimentation effectively with active learning

Evolve beyond blind trial-and-error experimentation by incorporating our algorithms into your design workflows to predict and test only the most promising chemical candidates. Continuously refine your models with newly collected data to maximize your R&D efficiency.

Capitalize on expertise in
your R&D cycle

Work intelligently by harnessing the learning potential of information. Leverage the combined experience and expertise of the entire team by utilizing everyone's data and process conditions. Take advantage of Matmerize's polymer sciences background and the largest polymer AI/ML dataset in the industry.

Rest easy knowing your information is secure.

Users maintain full rights and privacy to their data, models, and predictions. Not even Matmerize employees can access your proprietary information.

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