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Digitize R&D workflows with Matmerize's flagship materials informatics software. Predict material properties based off you data or ours. Screen candidate lists and chemical spaces for desired design parameters. Explore new chemical and processing spaces.

Key Features


Property prediction

Predict material properties instantaneously with unmatched accuracy using dozens of stock models built from our collection of 30,000+ and growing data points.


Custom model training

Build custom machine learning models based on your data by leveraging our state-of-the-art fingerprinting scheme and proprietary model training algorithms. You will always keep full rights to ownership and privacy of your data, models, and predictions.


Chemical and process variants

Discover new chemical variants similar to your reference formulations and new processing conditions that guide you toward desired material properties.


Multi-property screening

Plan future experiments with multi-property screening to find formulations with optimal material properties, fast.


Stay tuned for new products!

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