PolymRize is an industry-grade cloud-based secure polymer informatics software platform to accelerate the design and development of polymers and formulations.

SOC2 compliance with AICPA trust services criteria for security, confidentiality, and availability

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Key features

Custom model

Build custom machine learning models based on your data by leveraging our proprietary fingerprinting and model training algorithms. You will always keep full rights to ownership and privacy of data, models, and predictions.

Property prediction

Predict material properties instantaneously with unmatched accuracy using your custom models and/or our dozens of pre-built stock models trained on our growing data sets.

Design tools

Discover new chemical variants similar to your reference formulations and new processing conditions that guide you toward desired material properties. More design tools on the way...

Multi-property screening

Plan future experiments with multi-property screening to find formulations with optimal material properties, fast.

Software interaction

Access PolymRize either via web browser or through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) integrated with your internal workflow.

Security and confidentiality

All user interactions with PolymRize are encrypted, and not visible to anyone outside of the client company (including to the Matmerize team). Custom models built using your data are deployed for your exclusive use, and the data is destroyed once the model is built.