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To end expensive trial & error materials development cycles

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Electronics & energy
Consumer products
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Chemical processing
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Sustainable materials


PolymRize - our flagship polymer informatics product - is a versatile user-friendly cloud-based software that allows for intelligent materials design. No more wasteful trial and error.

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PolymRize predicts dozens of properties of polymers and formulations using our stock models or custom models you can build using your proprietary data.

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PolymRize can help plan your next experiments, and screen and design polymers and formulations that meet target property and performance requirements.

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PolymRize comes with security and confidentiality - no one except you can access your queries and data.



Case studies emerging through engagements with global leaders in materials development

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Rishi Gurnani

Rishi Gurnani

Technology Development Co-lead

William Schertzer

William Schertzer

Business Development Co-lead

Jon Goldman

Jon Goldman


Rampi Ramprasad

Co-founder & CEO

Chiho Kim

Co-founder & CTO

Bill Midgette

Advisor & Board

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